3D Craniofacial Plastic Surgery Analysis

Webapp for analysis, visualization, and predictive modeling of curvature change


AI friend that's there for you as an emotional, social, and mental support system


Downtown Austin art installment that used computer vision and visuals to help people break social isolation and connect

Cancer and Disease Classifiers

Custom-built cancer, tb, etc detectors using inference and machine learning deployed in companies across the globe

EKG and Skin Conductance Editor

Biophysiological signal analysis for emotional intensity of passengers in autonomous vehicles at MIT

Project Peregrine V

Open-source creation and deployment of a GPS waypoint-guided autonomous drone at UT Austin

Haptic Alert Network

Distributed network to mediate vibration alerts across consumer devices, presented at ACM UIST 2017


Webapp version of the most widely-used protein-protein docking simulation and 3D visualization software

Evolving Medical Devices

Research on a platform of intelligent self-modifying medical devices that learn from the user, starting with dental

Reservoir Simulation and Modeling

Research and development of reservoir simulation and modeling software at ExxonMobil

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